Saturday, January 23, 2016

new year, new flying season.

Mum and Dad came to visit Maddy and as luck would have it the first weekend was an excellent Marina day.

The west winds blew probably 6 gentle hours.

I few my Freedom, Dad flew the big floaty Tandem glider.

I also got to share the air with this fella, at first I thought Merlin, then regular ol' Kestrel, but after looking at a few different pictures and bird books I think Peregrine Falcon.

Didn't mind getting close at all while it disemboweled its lunch.

It rained a little while later, just a small isolated shower that I flew around. I seem to have been lucky flying over rainbows this year.

Tom came and joined in the fun a little later on his new T2C .

The lighting was spectacular.

It's been a while since I caught a day where the air was good enough to make the jump to Sand City. 

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