Friday, January 1, 2016

Baths' Baths

The Baths of Bath. The History dates back ~2800 years. The latest buildings however are only ~220 years.  Still, enough to make it a UNESCO world heritage site

It is Britains only water hot enough to be called a hot spring. The volume is enough to fill several large pools.

How much more fun would it be to actually go in the water though ;) I wonder how many people have "accidentally" fallen in over the years.

It was interesting to listen to the history as we walked around, quite a bit of the ruined roman construction still exists.

The place itself is quite atmospheric.

Later on we met up with Roy and Midge, we wondered around town dodging the rain storms and seeing a couple more sights.

With all the rain, the Avon had a strong flow under the famous Pulteney Bridge.

This picture of the royal crescent came out pretty funky. So I thought I'd include it for a laugh.

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