Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bristol and the SS Great Britain

After visiting Bath, we explored Bristol, home of Wallace and Gromit. The studio is right around the corner from this other most excellent museum.

The SS Great Britain museum. Apart from having the boat to look at, you can go inside, and tour almost the entire rescued from ruin boat.

Brunel's ship has a steel hull and a steam powered screw propeller, defying all convention at the time.

The history of the boat, from design, through its amazing life and then its rescue is really well presented. The boat itself has been restored with life as was exhibits, from first class travel, to the cook, on board doctor, vet, cook, and mechaincs.

The boat definitely impresses.

Another unique part of the museum is walking around below the water line outside the boat ! A foot below the surface of the water is a glass ceiling. A cool effect.

Great town and end of our Christmas tour, thanks for putting us up Roy, Midge, Kev & Claire!

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