Monday, August 5, 2013

Big spring '13

Over 50 pilots here at Big Spring this year -a great turn-out. Great to see all the faces again :)

The clouds have been pretty enticing the last few days.
Here is Attila with a pro-tip, Platapus makes the most robust drinking bladder and is also easier to clean. If you put a 4 inch poly propalene tube in the bottom it prevents the curl over blockage that stops water from flowing. 

The lift was as good as the clouds indicated. Although it dried out on course, the thermals were still pretty good. The course was a dogleg to Lubbock - just over 100miles. 
Surprise of the day was finding more than decent food on a Sunday about 9pm. Ohana Japanese Habatchi  Great food with a show, with veggy options to boot.

Oh, and I did pretty well flying :) Link to the scores.
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