Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Found Maples

This weekend, Heidi and I went down to Lost Maples state park to check out the fall colors.
We were probably a week early, along with a few thousand other visitors.
We did get a nice hike in though, once we got out of the waddling zone.
Being in the hill country, the terrain is limestone river bottom or chaparral like and plateau.
We crashed Tracy and Chris's party in Leakey which was there that evening by coincidence :) Great to see them. On the way home we took a route along the "backbone", a higher limestone plateau. There's not a whole lot there but big ranches and a few rivers. Along one fence we saw a Giant Kudu, quite a surreal sight in Texas, but it is hunting season...
Heidi got these shots out the car window. The Guadalupe river basin is every bit as pretty as the state park. This was just outside Ingram, a cute little town.

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