Friday, October 26, 2012

Buffalo Mountain, Oklahoma

Last weekend, my new local flying buddy and I went upto Mt Buffalo, Oklahoma, with what could have have been the last good flying forecast up there this season. Our local foot launch site is just 7 hours away.
Well the forecast didn't hold but we flew Saturday.
It was a little blowy, but workable ridge lift with thermals to 4k.
 Launch is around 2000ft MSL and the LZ is around 900ft MSL. There was a strong hint of fall in the air, with a few colors starting to show. Here's Andy on his Sport2.
It is a pretty area, reminds me of lookout mountain, Georgia.
A fantastic bonus was meeting up with Kit, whom I've not seen for ages. I haven't really flown around with him before. It was great fun.
Talihina is it's own special little local town, with the "Hateful Hussy" being center of the action, which is a diner.

The local club (Buffalo Mountain Flyers) do a fantastic job of keeping sites open. I'm keen to check out a few more of the sites. Next time I hope I do better with forecasting the weather ;)

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