Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Couples day at Funs Town.

The last few days I have been showing Heidi some of the touristy things around the S.F. Bay area, but Sunday the wind and weather came good for a great couple of flights at Funston.
The previous week the Olympic golf hosted a golf tournament.
This wasn't staged I swear ! The toungue was a bonus, and the picture a surprize for Heidi ;)
She had a good hour plus at the controls. Coordinating turns, linked 180's, lazy eights even. All good fun :)
Both flights were about an hour thirty. It was a georgeous day.
We had cameras all over the glider.
Fore !
It was fun flying with Brian and Chris, swooping and diving. Great to have dinner with Zac, Erin, John and Leah too, we all flew Tandem that day !


rbhgz9 said...
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rbhgz9 said...

looks like big fun, Thx

rbhgz9 said...

looks like big fun , thx