Monday, May 21, 2012


Its been ages since my last visit to Dunlap, with only a few excuses I was persuaded to go ;)
There was a good showing of pilots from different clubs.
Both days had considerable sink between the broken thermals, I think this is mainly due to the high pressure 1024mBar.
Saturday turned out to be a nice flying day to take a nice short tour of the valley. Rob joined me for most of it.
Sunday was more of a ridge flying day. It wasn't even that easy to stay up on the ridge.
We all had fun flying around anyway :)
And then at 6:30pm the sun elcipsed. I had not expected to see it at this lattitude, but It was quite close to full.
Interestingly after 30 mins of weak sun, the air went catabatic (the air started decending down the hills) and the valley cooled dramatically that was quite unexpected. I suppose the shadow cast is much bigger than most clouds, but the light change was subtle... Here a paper plate pin hole(s) camera.

Big thanks to Carm and Ann for persuading me to go ;) and Chris for bringing me back.

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Ann said...

excuses are made for people who need them ;-)