Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flytec Race and Rally 2012

As we roll out of Americus, Georgia, I am finally figuring out how to blog from my phone. The final scores are here
Ready to Rally at Quest
The weather was a challenge this year. The task committee still set good tasks. Flying into strong headwinds isn't the best way to make distance toward Lookout, or have fun enjoyable flights, so the first few days we flew tasks in Northern Florida to keep us in the good weather.
Good times at the "Out of Control" Bar.
The scores really changed up day by day. I found the lift hard to read this year. But I don't have any good excuses ;) - maybe I didn't give my glider some attention it may have needed... I also messed with my instrument setup too. All my own doing...
Staged and ready to go
The meet this year was incredibly well organized. There were close to 70 pilots. And the tugs and crew. That's a lot of work to wing it. And from my perspective things ran very smoothly.
Tricky Task 4
One thing I was initially dubious about was the ordered launch. And I was not alone in that sentiment. But actually that was the smoothest most fair and efficient system I've experienced. It works like this... There's and open window where anyone can get in a launch line. And if your on a cart by the end of the open window, you get to go. But once the ordered launch starts you go in order. If you are not ready then to the back of the line you go. And it works great. Pilots that want to go are motivated to be ready.
Konrad walking out.
So a huge thanks to Jamie. Davis. The tug pilot team. Very privileged to have very experienced pilots. Kraig and of course our driver extraordinaire Mike.
Raul landing
And now we head west through Alabama.
Davis presents the awards

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