Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Florida Ridge 2012

Was a great meet, it takes more than good weather, but it only takes bad weather to spoil it. We ended up with 6 good days out of 7. Which is very pleasing, flying about 18.5 hrs for the week, and covering about 607kms or 370Miles.

Being on the task commitee with Derek and Zac, we got quite lucky with the task calls, weaving between overdevelopement and overcast areas.
 Here's Eric hooking me up.
 Pinning off at the end of the tow.
 Some nice Floridian cloud streets.
climbing over Lakeland.
 Lake Placid.
 The lead gaggle on task 5.
 Gliding into goal at Florida Ridge.
 Didn't quite make goal on task6,
Overall a pretty good performance, here are the final results.
Final results 2012

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