Friday, November 4, 2011

Lookout Halloween

The folks at Lookout Mountain really know how to throw a party. I know that from the last time I visited, the hospitality is outstanding. I'll let the picture speak for itself.
Since first seeing this ramp in May, it had a strong allure over me, generating huge desire to run off of it. (better to do this with a glider).
I was so pleased to get to fly over the fall colors.
Even more pleased when the sled ride I was expecting at 5:30pm in November turned into a boaty soaring flight.
I flew out to Trenton along the path of the May Tornado, the grey leafless path up the mountain is the route we both took. (right hand side of the picture) Interesting that it was a good "lift line" this flight too.
Back passed the launch ramp.
The sunset lit up the fall colors very nicely - wow, what a day.
I am stoked with this flight.
There's the launch ramp again.
Darkness approaches, time to get down.

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