Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Santa Cruz Flats 2011 - in the air

Yesterday was some fairly technical flying for some. It appears a good strategy here is to fly conservatively and high.

Jamie checks I have my head on straight...
The start was very slow, the day did turn on about 1:15pm or so, which seemed to me to be about the same time it turned on yesterday.
I went on course 15mins ahead of yesterday since I ran out of daylight then!
Here's a fairly typical view here in the flats.
Some pretty gnarly terrain, with big Seguaro cactus just to make the possibility of landing out that much more intimidating.Picachu peak (an old volcano) is just to the right (south) of courseline.
And back at goal - I got stuck near Eloy airport for 40mins, better late than short!

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