Thursday, March 3, 2011

Windy Hill - what did we do wrong ?

There was a perfect looking sky as Brian and myself headed toward Windy Hill. I had aspirations of getting up high, taking all kinds of neat pictures of snow in the Redwoods, flying around a bit then landing next to the pub in Pescadero. Well you've gotta have a dream don'cha ?Seriously though how did we scratch around in ridge lift for 20 mins and not hit a single thermal in a sky like that ?I did notice the ground was extremely wet and the clouds were falling apart over the top and downwind of us...Oh well we did get to fly in the snow a bit...Urs got this video of me landing in the "tight" Landing Zone. I have been playing with a few different video editors recently. This one is from AVS I kinda like it. It handles GoPro video input, and is fairly straight forward to use. In this demo version there is writting on the screen - I like the rotate, zoom, crop features so I guess I'll be buying it soon.

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