Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Montara Peak

Standing above Devils slide and Half Moon Bay, Montara mountain is not that high at 1850 ft, but it is close by and bike friendly. I started my ride in the dark and cold damp fog in a grove of Eucaliptus trees, and it was a slog before I broke into the sunshine.The road up there in places is carved into granite, its neat looking. I think this used to make up part of the coast road 50+ years ago.
From the top you could see Sweeney ridge where we were the day before. San Bruno mountain behind it. What you cannot see is the millions of houses hidden in the fog. SF is top left.The fog was not quite washing into the Watershed lands.
Its very pretty back there, I hope I get to go soon.
The cairn up top.
On the way back down I found myself stopping frequently to try and capture a moment.
At the fog level the sun was starting to set and the lighting was fantastic.
The fog was very dynamic and I shot some video too, but it doesn't do the views justice. And I have not found a good way to import and edit yet, at least not on my 8 year old Dell laptop.It was right about here, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees.

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