Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New 2011

As New Years Eve rolled on plans for getting down to Big Sur for the big celebrations started falling apart. Oh well better make the most of what is left. With a break in the clouds, Tracey and I took a quick ride around the San Francisco headlands.To ring in the New Year we headed down to the beach and watch some fireworks. New Years day it was pretty damp, so we picked a asphalt trail the runs down the San Andreas Reservoir (and Fault)
It was a good choice for a trail, fairly quiet at the top end. Quite green this time of year.
Today we explored some coast I've driven past many times but never stopped. Very pretty beaches.
Sheeba had surgery 6 weeks ago and is almost fully recovered and so was able to come out to the beach too.
She was having a blast. maybe a bit too much fun, what with those waves being 12 feet or more.
From the beach we headed up Montara mountain. Looks like a fun mountain bike trail, I'll have to come back when its clearer.
Back down to whale cove, another pretty beach just south of Devils Slide, an area of Hiway 1 that is constantly slipping into the Ocean.
I believe the bypass tunnel has been scheduled to open a few times, not open yet though.
Sheeba is already throwing some shapes, with her newly healed legs. Lucky B###ch ;) Happy New Year one and all, and good luck to all my buddies competing down under Forbes this year. I'll be watching :)

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