Sunday, June 21, 2009

Had a bit of a reunion with some friends I haven't seen for a while. Unitl last year I had worked with these guys for 12 years. Struggled out of bed to get to the San Benitos with Wayne, Tom, Donny and Terry on Saturday. I've only flown there once before and was very fortunate to fly with Condors from the Ventana release program. I was hoping for another opportunity. When we arrived it was cold in the LZ and cold on top. The chances of soaring seemed minimal... But all of a sudden It warmed up. The marine layor was not far away, so we launched off. Wayne and I worked our way south towards the high cumulus clouds over goat Mtn. With a Condor marking the lift for us. You can see the transmitter on the left wing. We were only getting climbs to 4800feet. So there was scant chance of making it over the pass, and the valley with no landing options.
Here is wayne turning in on final. I was a couple of minutes behind him. Another very pleasant day, thanks to Tom for coming and getting us.

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