Tuesday, July 22, 2008

King of competitions

The King Mountain meet this year was the most enjoyable yet. It is so fun to be surrounded by like minded folks in such a rich geological and climatic and fun environment. I saw some dramatic and new to me terrain (more about that later).

Here is John Kangas giving the final day's weather briefing. He is increadibly insightful and entertaing to boot. The last day was a high barometric pressure, making a late start and difficult thermals to work.

Out in the desert again, In the knowledge that the flying is done, and wondering how the points will add up.

Sarah to the rescue! She did an excellent job on the often gruelling retrieves.

Connie, Donna and Lisa, the meet staff and director. Always doing a great job of running the meet. This year was a 6 day meet rather than the 5 in previous years.
Team Bubblehead Bums take 1st place again. This year we had it from the start, with good average performance all around. Good job Wayne, Bruce, Joe and Ben !
I took 2nd in the open class, pretty exstatic about that, and look at the georgous blown glass trophy !

Nobody made it passed Dubois (50 something miles) and the standings didn't change much.

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