Monday, June 9, 2008

Well done Dustin !

The final day was an exciting race. Dustin was a few points ahead of Jonny making the competition for the number 1 place hot. The task was a downwind race to the beach ~38miles. Cloudbase was twice the high of yesterday at 4500'.

Dustin was able to stick with Jonny until final glide and made one better choice, to take the day and the meet. Well done Dustin !

I seemed to start only a few minutes after the priority guys but had a slow tow, end each thermal I lost a couple of minutes on the gaggle just ahead of me. Pretty soon I was flying alone. At 10 miles from goal I unwittingly flew into the stable coastal flow and glided to the ground 8 miles short. I was happy with most of the decisions I made during the flight, but of course wanted to bee at goal.

Here are the final standings...

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