Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mt Tam on fire

Saturday I was scheduled to fly to Tandem students from Mt Tam. We had to wait a little while for the clouds to disapate below. Then off we went. After a short but fun flight I turned around and the grass around launch was on fire !!
We waited to see if we could be allowed back up to do the scond flight. It was under control quickly but it took 3 planes and helicopter 7 fire trucks and many fire and park staff.
Playing ball on a grassy knoll above the Pacific.

Walking around and taking pictures we gave up on the second flight at 5pm.

Sunday I tried a new site. The wind was just not quite strong enough on the bluffs and I got some launch and landing practice. Maybe 25 minutes in 5 flights.

A relaxing day at the beach - well except for the half mile carry.

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Anonymous said...

That "new site"... Was that near half moon bay? -Ryan Goebel