Sunday, December 8, 2019

Gem Lake

This trail caught my attention on the REI hiking project site . With Rocky Mountain National Park, National Forest, Larimer open space, Boulder open space, preserves and State parks - It is a challenge to know what one can do where (and when) and this website seems to have the best information.

Beautiful day :)

Lots of good rocks to scramble about on.

I first spied this collection of rocks from Rocky Mountain national park in the summer. From a distance it looks like a big version of the Pinnacles, pretty similar from close up too.

Nice view south across Estes Park (above). Fun walking through Aspens in the snow. 

Cool 2 foot hole in granite.

This would be even more spectacular in the fall colour change.

Next trip we will bring crampons ;)

Looking west toward Trail Ridge.

Gem Lake is nested at ~8850ft in what is almost a hanging Gorge. Plenty of ice there at the moment.  

The lake is frozen solid. Not knowing how thick the ice was we stayed at the shallow end, but I'm pretty sure at was at least 6 inches thick.

In coming weather, time to get down.

Yup, crampons next time.

more cool rocks.

By the time we got down, the flurry had some big flakes.

Always neat to see some Elk.

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