Saturday, August 10, 2019

Golden, Colorado

Another weekend, another hike! But this time with company, great company.

Starting from Golden, pretty close to the landing zone for lookout mountain. In the background is *the* Coors Factory.

We hiked up Mt Galbraith, over our shoulder you can see one paraglider making a few figure 8s over launch.

A cooper hawk catching a little lift. And a view of Denver to the east.

On our way down in the heat.

The Golden girl in the foreground , the Golden town in the background.

Nice trail, and time for a cool off in the Clear creek, which turned out a bit more sporty than bargained for. All good fun, a quite refreshing I will say :) Now I can say I have passed through more water that is made in to Coors, than Coors passing through me - haha

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