Saturday, August 8, 2015

more flats than miles

We went to Del Valle again, this time with our bike.

Last time Maddy spotted a trail she thought she'd like.

We gave it a go

After a little while something felt not quite right, the back tyre was soft, an odd feeling on a tandem. So in the blazing heat I changed it out.

While doing that Heidi realized we were short a shoe.

After the turn around spot, we kept our eyes peeled, it wasn't hard to find in the middle of the trail a mile back or so.

We managed one more hill climb, but on the decent the spare tube also gave out, I tried the first tube again to try and limp back, but it was flat in less time than it took to inflate. It was a hot short ride but fun anyway, even if we had more flats than miles. Ended with a refreshing dip in the lake.

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