Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finding our feet

It feels great to be back in California. Seeing good friends I've not seen for a long time. The views from mountains. The nice dry air that doesn't carry so many allergens. Coming from Texas I feel like I'm in the Andies here. 

Mark flying his new bright falcon at Ed Levin County Park
There's is much to be done in the near term, but snagging some time here and there to get out, is important, to me.

Especially when it comes to getting some fresh air ;) I took a quick hop on the new Alpha. (Thanks to Zac). It features an acute nose angle, and lots of billow.

It does definitely feel different to anything I've flown recently. Most noticeable was the turning radius, it can't be zero but sure feels like it, even at low altitude. It takes a little while to accelerate and retains very little energy, which makes me agree that it will be a very good teaching tool; which is exactly the idea. I've seen quite a few falcons zooming up to 15 feet on a flare recently (accidentally).

Also Heidi and I have explored a few local parks. Alviso sits at the south end of the San Francisco bay. We rode the levees quite a distance out into the bay. It affords a nice view of the play ground that is Mission ridge and Ed Levin Park. The levees allow nice flat trails for family ride (when dry).

It's an odd feeling being somewhat isolated knowing you are surrounded by 3 international airports in one of the busiest places on the planet. It's very reassuring these places exist. It's how I get my exercise. The bit sized pieces of history are interesting too.

Coyote Hills Park at Sunset.
I am in disbelief government considered closing open places down, and then actually did. I'm under no illusion that this is anything other than political leverage. On that note, I enjoyed the next episode in The Hunger games, trilogy, even if it is sobering analogy of what might be the current world culture.

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