Monday, October 14, 2013

We got married Tuesday.

October 8th 2013 - Heidi and I got Married. We wanted to do this soon, and since there are so many changes coming ahead, now in Texas made sense for us.

The lake is beautiful and a big part of our recent lives, why not have the ceremony out on the lake ? Lake side? no Lake ON.

So we paddled on out. Heidi's Mom in the tandem kayak, Rev. Danny Jones in the Canoe. Heidi and I on windsurf boards.

It was a beautiful, calm, quiet, warm evening on the lake, somehow we managed to find the entire lake to ourselves.

We formed our flotilla, read some passages, said a few things, exchanged a few vows. Gloria gave Heidi away. We exchanged rings, (mine made from the nose plate of my favourite glider).

Rev. Dan did the paperwork, and boom, the big plunge, a wet kiss indeed !

And off into the sunset we paddled, husband and wife.
Thanks Rev. Danny ! A very momentous occasion.


Amy Filipiak said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAAYY :) Thanks for sharing pics. Looks beautiful.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Way to go guys. Congrats from PK in VT