Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lake Travis

Heidi, her Mom and I took a day off packing, and went up to Lake Travis west Austin, to visit some friends. Gail won a deal and invited us to stay at this house. She kindly invited Isaiah and Christi over too, who dropped by. Great to see you, albeit such a short visit.

The hot tub and view are very appealing :) Certainly a nice place to relax.

The house has nice access to the lake too, though it is down about 50 feet or perhaps even more. We kayaked across to the other side.

I swam back for some exercise :)

The house has some fun big kid toys, the swing was tough to hold on to as it rounded the bottom, I didn't always manage it. The sounds of Heidi's laughter might still be heard echoing off the sides  of the lake.

And they had a wicked fast water slide too!

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Amy Filipiak said...

Beautiful! Looks like it was a blast :)