Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The BIG Plunge

Yesterday, with the help of Fly Texas and Danny, I took the big plunge.

We took off behind the boat, fairly well planned and rehearsed into a sky full of puffy clouds. I'm not great with secrets, but somehow I did manage to surprise Heidi when I popped the question. I had grandiose plans of putting on a bow tie and getting down on one knee.
Right off tow, I went to sneakely put on the bow tie, and snapped the elastic that I'd rigged for my head without a helmet, so slightly flustered I put it in my mouth. Not so good for speech delivery :) I rambled through my speech through my ear to ear grin, sort of flying the glider (I think I remember flying?). Surprised and laughing ecstatically she said yes.
Made for a memorable day, thanks to Dan and Jeff for helping me set up the day, and with the preparations the previous few weeks :) I am going to put a short movie clip together in the next few days.


Softballqueen said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds special...congrats....Diev

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you two. Big stuff and a typically lowkey way to "get it done"! Cheers PK in VT

Anonymous said...

Nicely done sir! Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Had to be!!!!! Well done and congrats. Still can't get over the fact Heidi's up there! TFMT xxx

Anonymous said...

Forget pulling sting, holding your breath, and pointing your toes as you head out over un-landable terrain.... a commitment like that is real adventure!

Congrats to both of you!