Monday, December 31, 2012


After lots of good family time, Heidi and I headed down to my sisters place, close to Oxford. We of course explored the prestigious city.
We started at the Saxon tower, which has a nice view of the city skyline.
The architecture in the city is outstanding. So we put on our best tourist outfits and walked around taking plenty of pictures. Stopping in a few of the famous drinking establishments.

Connected to the Museum of natural history, the Pitt Rivers Museum has a collection of many worldly things. The gun collection, was quite fascinating from an engineering evolutionary stand point. The notes and historical explanations are quite thorough.  

Another attention grabber is the shrunken heads exhibit. I always wondered how this was achieved. Of course the bone is removed, and wood ball inserted to keep the form, skin stitched back up again and treated.Of course this info is all available on wikipedia these days -not that I am planning on having a go ;) It is a little creepy knowing these heads were once an alive person.
The villages around Oxford retain much of their history. In my sisters village, the row of cottages next to the local shop (for local people), has a thatched roof.  

And while the flood waters were receding, the Thames was still about 7 feet higher than normal, making this guys floating house a little inconvenient to reach.

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