Monday, January 9, 2012

A couple more Texas rivers

We put in this time up in Guadalupe River State Park.
It's 20 miles or so upstream of Canyon Lake.
With the rocky cliffs, clear water teaming with Catfish, Spotted Gar, Perch, Turtles and more, it is a scenic river.
Nice day to be on the water :)
A few days later Kit, Andy and myself put in, in San Marcos with the car parked 10 miles downstream.

Just look at how clear the water is !! It's straight out of the Aquifer, drinkable and slightly above swimming pool temperature. Which is good as I continue to find myself up-side-down every now and then ;)
The Turtles seem to like the warm water too.
This rope swing was too tempting to pass up :)
You never know what you might find in the river !
Note to self 10miles is a long paddle in a slow flowing river. Fun day though !