Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Float on the Guadalupe

Another day, another float, this time the Guadalupe below Canyon lake for about 7 miles.
One thing you may notice, county roads in Texas are named FM (Farm to Market), Which would be CR in California or just "B" in the UK. I haven't found a Farm to Farm road yet...
For the most part the river was a bit on the shallow side.
The water might be a bit higher in the summer when water is let out of the dam a little faster to keep the water from getting too warm for the fish.
A raft would have been a more appropriate craft, not that I have one.
Splendid day out none the less. Pre-occupying my mind that instead wants to be in Forbes right now. Where the Hang Gliding PreWorlds are full swing. A few days to go and they have already flown over 1000km (600miles) !
We pulled out near this crazy 7 story treehouse.


girlcarew said...

I can't wait till Jonas is old enough to kayak. It looks like so much fun.

west coast brit said...

Next time I visit I'll bring mine, and put in by you house. A fitting life jacket and he's good to go :) -for a mellow river tour.