Sunday, February 6, 2011

Angel Island again

This time we found a much better place to put in. Have a protected sandy beach in Sausilito, parking and plenty of kayaks to rent. From there it is an easy paddle around Belvedere point to Angel Island (providing you time the tides right) Tide predictions here Brian and Jackie joined us for yesterdays trip. We landed on a couple of beaches, this one is designated for kayak camping through Angel Island State Park Then we went around to China cove the immigration station, it is the nicer beach.
As the tide turned we headed back across Racoon straight. Georgeous day T-shirt and shorts weather day on the water... in Febuary!
Good views unlike summer when it is freezing with a tonne of fog blasting passed. We explored some of Belvedere on the way back. There are some nice mansions along the bluff. This one had a cable car from the house to the Garage, as well as its own private jetty. Other houses are just on stilts, which made for some fun navigation. Heading back now. Round trip was about 4 relaxed hours maybe a little less. Lots of sunbathers on the beach when we got back. Febuary 5th ! Fish tacos and cervezas. MMMMmmmm

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