Monday, September 22, 2008

Good times at Marina Beach

Susie our social secretary ordered up 7 hours of smooth west wind to go along with end of summer club party. Young Thomas Elliot knows he's in for a treat. Its great to have a beautiful sunny day and nice air.School is back in, Students are enjoying the park in the stages of it being opened up. Sometimes I call my silhouette "Jaws".Here is Stephen enjoying the air, on a formula that belonged to Jamie a few years back. A unique perspective. Later on that evening... Breakfast !?Good times had by all.The air was more reliable Sunday, a good opportunity to go Tandem. I think Thomas is having fun too, I believe he still has the grin. Sadie's turn next. A little protesting at why her brother got to go first when it was her idea soon disappeared when her feet left the ground. We saw a pod of about 30 dolphins surfing and playing in the waves, occasionally pealing out of the surf as it broke in a big flip. We flew right over the top of them in a big 360. (I resolve to get this on video soon). Sliding in a landing with Sadie. Dad's turn.A great weekend !

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Jamie Shelden said...

Wow!!! I can't believe my old Formula is still in the air. That's so cool. I sure miss Marina Beach.

Have you booked your ticket to Ecuador yet??!!