Thursday, April 24, 2008

A rest day !!

Day1 - Brian & I flew together about 3/4 away round a triangle course. The last leg of which was into wind. It was late in the day by the time we got there, the lack of thermals and head wind put us on the ground about 6pm.

Day2 - was a fun day, we had a decent start and flew in huge gaggles, made good progress along the course flying ove quite a few other gliders. Bruce and I worked togther over a tricky section half way along the second leg of the 4 leg course. we got separated just before Picacho peak, maybe because I took this picture. Its a neat looking mountain with great walking trail to the top.

After flying over the peak many pilots got stuck in the venture, this made the waypoint easy to reach downwind, but the 180 there back into wind had us on the ground pretty quickly.

Day 3 started with poor start for Brian and I. Bruce got to start with a gaggle close to the front of the race. I almost sank out twice and the second leg put both Brian and I on the deck. Bruce did very well and made it half way throught the third leg of the triangle course.

The current standings are on this website

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff Ben - we've been following your progress. Well dunn.