Friday, April 25, 2008

GOAL !!!!!!!

Day4 was a great day. Although the tow paddock was a bit hectic with dust devils coming through every 8 minutes and 10-20 winds. Brian Bruce and I all left together, I almost sank out again at the edge of the start circle, then climbed from 800 feet over the ground to 10,800 feet MSL.

After getting back to a good altitude, I decided I needed to fly upwind as much as possible and stay high. This didn't work very well but I managed to stay upwind of the next turnpoint and luckly got a good climb back to 11,000 but the climb drifted me 3km opposite of the courseline. It took a while getting back on course. Pretty sound the 20 mph sidewind had gotten me low, I was flying as fast as I could crosswind in sink and slowing in lift and turning into wind. This got me just 8km of the 20km second leg. I was pretty happy with the progress and figured I would land before long. I passed over Bruce about here continuing cross wind. I was starting to set up an approach into place where I did not want to land when I got a burble. I wasn't climbing but I could drift at 400' downwind and get closer to a road. After a mile I had climbed 500 feet but the thermal turned on. I climbed back to 8400 drifting 8km off course. But I blazed into goal through glass off conditions 4000 feet over goal. (obviously way too conservative on the hieght)

This was my first ever goal in a competition and I was pretty happy.

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