Saturday, January 11, 2020

Coney Flats

This ride took me 3 attempts, mostly due to nagivation issues, this time I had uploaded Open Street Map to my Garmin Inreach, which, while not totally accurate or detailed, has more user friendly information on it. Colorado was 88MB, a handy size that the device processes OK. Round trip was about 12 Miles which took me 3.5 hours. Pretty slow! That does include the picture stops, falling/laughing/restart, as well as the 1400ft  net ascent in the snow.
The day was cold, around 14'F and -10'F with the windchill. My clothes were barely adequate, even with the extras I brought along. Feet, Hands and Eyes need better. I'm going to try my old snowboard boots next time. Also I'm going to sew up some mittens, it's really just my finger tips that get chilled. And regular ski googles, since when I put the facemask on for the descent, my oversize sunglasses fogged, then iced up on the inside. Great fun though, I'm am looking forward to more exploring.

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