Saturday, September 14, 2019


This was to be one of those weekends that just didn't go right. Getting stuck in traffic and arriving late and missing the shuttle up.

Missing the soaring window by, well, not a whole lot.

Having a glider mix up and missing flying the next day. 

Pretty scenery though and a good landing (first in a while) - landing that is, good or bad ;)

Met some of the local club, although somehow the stars haven't aligned for the rest of the season.

Danny came out the next day, 3 flew, I drove since I had gear issues.

The plan was to get a jump on the traffic home, but there had been a traffic accident, and while there was opportunity to leave via another route the gliders were in a no-one allowed area, and we were not going to leave those behind ! On to fly another day (or year). Cool to hang with flying legends Danny and Sarah. 

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