Saturday, March 17, 2018

Dogdge Ridge adventure

The adventure started as we climbed into the snow at a low elevation. The mission was to get the truck out of reach of the plough. must be ~20" of snow at 4000 MSL

The we dug our way out slowly. After getting the plough stuck, I decided to use the ole fashioned shovel. Just dug out s parking spot.

We dug the truck out then dug a parking spot and went to find some food. The power had been out most of the day, so only a few people were out and just the Irish bar was open :) Fine by me.

Off early-ish the next morning to go get some fresh powder.

Oh boy looks pretty good eh ? Yeah it was :)

Quiet too, lucky us. The snow was good all day and the next.

Sunday I met up with Pam, we carved a good few handfuls of runs.

What fun, great weather, snow scenery and conversation.

My telly tubby outfit is very comfy, I'll be sporting it a while yet. 

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