Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Shed

This has been a very long project, which I'm glad is finally coming to fruition. Some things went to plan some didn't, but on the whole it looks exactly like what I envisioned.

I had a few odd requirements for this shed. It has to be removable, so I put it on pylons. I'm sure it will settle, but it can be jacked up and re leveled.

It was going to take a few weekends to put together, so each stage had to be structurally stable in weather and such.

I regret not putting a few more screws in the floor when I could have  - oh well.

In the peak of summer the roof was very welcome. Working in the heat of the day was brutal. 

I found a used door in a frame at habitat for humanity, it was a pretty perfect fit.

The roof really was where I learned the most. Doing it over, I would use the cheaper roll felt, it's just a shed after all. But I was giving these shingles so it made sense to use them, I underestimated how many I needed and their weight so I had to beef up the roof and the structure in general. 

After the roof was done everything else seemed relatively simple.

Some siding and a lick or two of paint, a window and a ramp. Done (almost)

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