Friday, July 3, 2015

lakeview umpteenth free flight festival

This year I was able to get a room at the Hunters hot springs resort, and take the whole family to the july 4th umpteenth free flight festival.

Here we are at Sugar launch, starting point for the famous "Sugar Dash", where one flys back to town as quickly as possible. This year there were problems with the land owner down below launch. This is very unfortunate as without a good landing option the dash contest is dubious.

Unaware of the drama going down in the bailout, I flew back to town, going as quick as I could, but the day was a little soft, and I was slow, I was happy to glide into the Landing zone, where the beer and hot tub awaited :)

Chris came in to goal a little later, as the sky darkened.

He joined us in the mineral spring for a soak. Oh yeah, that takes the aches away.

The next day we flew from Black Cap to avoid potential land owner issues.

We flew north to Aberts rim, where there was a thunderstorm getting going, turned west into the 12 mph wind, and made our way to Paisely (just short) but into this beautiful pasture Gerry picked out. All in all a great three days flying. And fabulous sunsets to boot. The BBQ at the Lakeview Locker was great too!

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