Wednesday, September 3, 2014

bridgeport classic 2014

With the new job, family , moving getting cars going and fixing things, I've been too busy to make it over to the real mountains this year so far. So I was stoked to make the Bridgeport classic. With launch @ 9500ft MSL I was stumbling around gasping for air the first day. I was pleased to have O2 for the flight which I set to D5, because I can. It certainly helped, judging by my actions once I returned to earth and switched it off.

Meanwhile, while Daddy was flying, the girls were enjoying Bridgeport Founders Day where there was rodeo, crafts, and gold mining history. It is a cool town to visit.

Sunday was the day, and we launched Sweetwater, a site a couple miles East of the 108 /395 junction and about 8 miles NW of Bridgeport.

The wind was a moderate NW pushing us towards Bodie Ghost-town. Lift was sparse and the sink was strong, but all well behaved. Wayne and I both got low near Bodie.

I zigged and Wayne zagged, I lucked into a low save (or is that a high save at 8400ft) Tremendous vistas of Mono Lake and the east Sierra.

After a few climbs to near 14k around Mono lake, I was headed for Boundary peak. I got toward the south end of Adobe meadows, but not quite to the north end of the Owens. Argh, so close!

Nice flight anyway :) Smooth thermals, and soft air. Easy launch, easy landing. I got first for the longest distance, Scot was second and Wayne 3rd.

The next day the air was inverted and wind direction not favourable, so Heidi, Maddy and I headed for Buckeye hot springs. 38.239, -119.325 It was a sporty ride for Maddy in her chariot, but she loved it.

Bridgeport through Mammoth area, seems to have more hot springs every time I go there. These ones are very nice.

Incredibly the Aspen are beginning to turn already, lack of water perhaps ? Though this place has seen more rain than the west side of California this season.

The rabbit brush is surely healthy this year. I fabulous weekend, and a huge thanks to Pam for putting on the event and sharing her house.


Brian Foster said...

Nice one! Wish I could have been there.

kathy and charlie said...

avoid the Adobe meadows sink hole. stay closer to the barley.