Tuesday, August 5, 2014

St John 2014

It's been a few years since I flew St John. The sonoma wings club always hosts a fun fly-in. You may recognise some faces from past times there.

There was a good turn out, maybe 32 wings flew. I flew my Freedom as I failed to put my blade back together in time. It sure is a long glide out from there ! 
Still Saturday, I managed a nice flight up to Paskenta, for a little short of 32 miles. It was fun flying with a few buddies, especially Ryan who mentored me a little further along down the road.

Sunday was a different day. Everyone else must have known, as only Wayne, Ryan, Scott and I showed up at launch. We flew anyway, and each had interesting launches. The wind was pretty cross from the left which is usually not a problem. This day it made launch "interesting". The high pressure and flat lapse rate probably didn't help either.

The climbs were turbulent, and sink brutal in the head wind. I made it out to Fouts Springs, the bigger field is now open to land in since the correctional facility has closed.

I found a few more climbs up over Potato Hill, the PG launch. Then glided into the 20mph+ headwind and was glad to be landing the Freedom in the plain nasty air. No dramas. Fun weekend, and great to have a fantastic new driver, that I think we will lose to being a pilot in short order.

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