Sunday, June 16, 2013

Boat towing

Thursday was a fun day, Jeff invited Andy and me up for some afternoon boat towing at Marble Falls, just West of Austin.

Jeff runs Fly Texas Hang Gliding School and uses myriad ways of teaching the art of flight.

This was my first time towing from a boat, I gotta say I loved it. Warm clear water, flying in swim shorts, pretty nice views. What's not to like.

It's neat watching the boat get smaller and smaller as you you ride the smooth air up.

With a little wind we were getting upto about 1200ft on tow. There was a little 
lift around, but I think most of it was being stolen by an approaching storm, and of course we are over a lake.
Landing on water is totally fun, very low stress, smooth and lightly refreshing :) 

We had been watching the radar and some over development to our south. After 4 flights it was time to get the equipment away. We were in good time before the gust front hit. Yeeha - good fun - Thanks Jeff.

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