Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February in Texas

It has been a relatively quiet February for us in Texas, mostly on account of a few pinched nerves in my back that seem to be hindering plans. I don't to this day know quite how I got them. Still We managed a nice tour along the Mission Reach trail south of San Antonio. Looking at the map, I'm not sure having north oriented other than up is a Texas thing or something I've only recently noticed, but I don't get it. It is as disorientating as having the sun in the north at midday.

Also went for a nice hike in Guadalupe River state park. It is a pleasant park but the entry fee is outstanding, $14 for two ! No wonder it was deserted. There are five loop trails in the park, it seems two of them are called loop 2, Sometimes you just gotta laugh.

We got a little dressed up for an Oscars party, that was fun, much more fun than watching it the show on TV ;) Big thanks to Kit's aunt Ruth, hostess with the most-ist (sp?)

We've also been exploring the trails in the San Marcos greenbelt.We stumbled upon this sundial. in the Spring Lake Preserve I've always been fascinated by orbital geometry, but not seen an Analemmatic_sundial before. I'm not sure this one takes into account daylight savings, but by standing in a calibrated position, the time can be read without any calculation or adjustment. It was accurate this day at 5:30pm anyway...

And we took a brief tour of Ex-President Lyndon B. Johnson's Ranch. Defininately a touristy spot, but free entry, and quite interesting. Apparently he did most of his work from this Texas White House. He also had a  beautiful runway and airforce one plane, a Lookheed Jetsatr VC140

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