Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I was in Austin last week visiting a good friend of mine. On Friday I took a couple of hours to walk around a bit.
Its always fun to see a new city.
Austin is known for its lively music scene. I'll have to return to experience that.
There are plenty of reminders around the city of what it wants to be known for.
I don't know what the future of the old power plant is, it's a landmark though and right next to the river. 
Figured I'd walk up to the state building and have a look around.
 I'll take a tour of the building next time, I hadn't realised that might be an option.
 Looking over the subterranean offices, this courtyard had a bunch of rattlesnakes in it, I wasn't expecting that !
 I couldn't work in that grocery store, even in the knowledge of it being a replica. Too weird.

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