Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am ALIVE !!!

It has been a crazy month, which has left me me feeling very much alive. Right now I am driving across the country from San Francisco to San Antonio, Texas, my new home to be. A relationship ended, some couch surfing ensued, lots of work, a new special friendship started with explosive energy, mountain biking, hang gliding, music and some walking, packing and reorganising. I made good with my old job working tandems, and will start anew in Texas. I am sad to leave the San Francisco Bay Area and all my friends of the last 17 years, but am excited to start something new that potentially be something I can be proud of. More about that soon...
Loaded with as many toys as I could fit.
California - I'll be back !


Jochen Zeischka said...

Good luck Ben!

Anonymous said...

Fun talking to you on your drive to your new home. I'll try to come out in 2012.
-Eric Froehlich

C R Valley said...'ve been gone long enough, Ben...time to come home. Ben? Ben? Hello? OK...looks like you'll be staying in TX for a while then. That is OK. Keep us posted on your new digs and flying!