Sunday, November 8, 2009

Local flying at Ed Levin

Ed Levin or "Sled Heaven" as it is affectionately known, does get soarable in the right conditions. There was a good showing for these "right" conditions Friday. The weather pattern that works : the day of or before a cold front passes. There were 3 days this week where that was the case. Typically the wind is south in the morning and NW in the afternoon. This generally allows one to fly over to Mission peak as the wind switches, and fly back to Ed Levin. This flight is dubbed "The golden eagle". Co-insidentally there have been a family of golden eagles at Ed Levin all week. Thurday I got to thermal with the whole family (6 of them). Its entertaining watching the scraggly young ones that don't even look like eagles yet trying to learn the air currents. It certainly appears that the tip stalls and slipping turns are unintentional. As the wind swiches the lift band gets really wide, and if you are close to the clouds they have some good and genally weak "cloud suck" that allows you to glide out over Freemont. Its important to make it back to the park before an hour before dusk as the park gets locked, and you'll be stuck there. Fun day ! A nice break from packing up my house, in preparation for the next chapter of adventures. Dave had a really good flight Friday - top landing at Mission before re-launching and flying back.

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