Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to the Beach

Another fun day at Marina Beach. I missed yesterday, having some work to do. Today though, the wind blew straight in for a good 6 hours. Trey was there tearing it up. Donny has a new helmet, and looks like he is flying even faster. I took his girlfriend (Terry) up for a couple of flights and flew 4 miles down the beach, and came back too ! Which is good, 4 miles would be a long way to walk with a 230 sq foot sail in a 15mph breeze.Trey shot some video, of us flying full sail flap down to sand city and back. Interesting to see a slider landing from above on video. The wing completely yaws around from mostly downwind into wind - no flare obviously.

Trey Kropp


Jamie Shelden said...

I'm kicking myself :-( Sat at my sister's house working all day yesterday when I should have been at the beach flying!! Ouch!!!

west coast brit said...

I thought you were flying home yesterday. I would have called - again ;)