Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lamington National Park

Its been quite rainy recently, so a hike in the rain forest sounded like the right idea. It has been the wettest season in 30 years and the Rainforest canape is incredibly lush. Marty's girlfriend and my tour guide Laura, charging through the forest. Every few minutes we had to stop and peal leechs of our shoes and ankles. A nice waterfall about 1/2 way round the 18km loop. There were quite a few of those. Fortunately Laura spotted this beast before stepping on it. A 7 foot Carpet Python, luckily it was well fed at the time.
Egg rock in Numinbah valley with Beechmont in the background. You might recognise pieces from previous ariel views. Some of the cliffs left there by the ancient volcano make for good climbing too.

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