Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So here we are in Gulgong. It's a pretty little town 3 hours drive NE from Sydney. The airstrip is 5km north of town.Day one of the Classic was cancelled due to strong and gusty winds, so here we are on day 2 (monday). The task was 207km dogleg to the north. There was a crosswing of 15mph which made it quite challenging. Only Jonny and Curt made goal. A few came close and I sankout after 167km, about 5 hours in the air. Mr Redbull setting up his glider in the shade day3. The wind has switched to the east and a 100km task was called to the west of Wellington. Jonny won the day again. I made goal but took a much longer time. Guido from Austria dropped by on a flying visit. He is on his way to Fiji from Austria, delivering this Kingair 200. Guido running a few routine checks after landing. This is Blay - a pilot from Spain, we are flying as Team Nungra. Well two days in and my arms are tired, and my nose cone split by a Wedgetail Eagle that attacked yesterday ! The whole glider shook and dropped when it hit. An exciting introduction to flying in Oz.

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Nice pictures. By the way Guido from Germany ;-)