Monday, March 3, 2008

Mission Peak, Freemont, Ca

Saturday was a great day to fly Mission, I ended up launching about 2pm and landing 5:30pm. The wind was almost coming straight along the ridge but there seemed to be abundant lift anyway.
Thats Eric infornt of Mission peak. Cloudbase was 3400msl to start with, it dropped to near 2200' by the end of the day.
Again it was possible to fly up the leading edge of the cloud. For some reason I failed to capture a glory... Next time!
I tried to set a course constisting of the water tank to the south, launch and the pool of Olohnes college. The latter almost put me on the ground out there.
The lift was really smooth all day.
The camera was set to take 100 pictures at one minute intervals. I happened to notice the camera about to take a shot just once.I took this one freehand just before landing.

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